Coach Registration

Player Registration

Please select the proper league and division for your child by referring to the table.

If you have been in contact with a coach about playing on a specific team, please select that team during registration. This team will only be visible if the manager has registered the team. If not visible you can complete registration without selecting the team or end the process and wait until the team is registered. If you have not prearranged to play on a team, please do not select a team ..... your child will be placed in a pool of "draft players" and assigned to a team. ESA can not guarantee placement but will make every effort to find a team for your child.

Player Assignment and Closed Team Policy:

Draft players will be assigned to non-closed teams at the conclusion of Player Registration and prior to accepting late player registrations. A closed team is defined as having at least 1 additional roster player (registered and confirmed) than a fully fielded team. For example; Baseball (10), 11v11 Soccer (12). The number of draft players added to a team will not exceed the number required to bring that team to a point where the team will have 3 substitute players. For example; Baseball (12), 11v11 Soccer (14). Managers/Coaches can accept/confirm a larger number of players if desired, but must be able to meet playing time rules adapted by our governing bodies. ESA will not assign draft players to teams that meet the definition of a closed team without manager approval. Draft players will be assigned by a combination of ability and registration date at the discretion of the League Coordinator.

Managers and Coaches are expected to keep track of the registrations for their teams and confirm players as they register.

If an expected player by a coach/manager is not registered by the registration deadline and the team is not closed, draft players will be assigned to that team.

Refund Policy

Eureka Sports Association observes the following policy with respect to refunds of registration fees. A 100% refund shall be made, less a $15 processing fee, should the child choose not to play before the 1st game played for any reason.
The $15 processing fee will be waived if: a) the child moves/is moving from the area prior to the start of the season, b) a season ending injury occurs prior to the start of the season.
A 50% refund shall be made if one game has been played by the team. Note that the game must be played, not just scheduled. A 25% refund shall be made if two or more games have been played by the team. No refund will be made if three or more games have been played by the team.

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