Our Purpose

To administer organized youth sports in the City of Eureka, MO, for all Eureka residents and residents of the surrounding communities; To develop sportsmanship among all players for the betterment of their emotional and social well being; To teach the fundamental skills required for all sports administered by ESA; To provide positive adult role models at all age levels; To facilitate the coordination of ESA activities with allied community groups that administer and/or support athletic programs {e.g. Parks and Recreation Dept., Board of Education, Religious and other Community Organizations} to foster the growth of the community

Eureka Sports Association is a member of the St. Louis County Athletic Association and West County Soccer League.

Board Members

Role Name Email Comments
Equipment Manager (All Sports) Jason Trammel EquipmentManager@EurekaSports.com Contact for information about equipment handouts and returns
Facility Scheduler Jennifer Sowadski FacilitiesSchedulingCoordinator@EurekaSports.com Contact to reschedule games
Concession Stand Coordinator Tim Nenninger Tim.Nenninger@EurekaSports.com  
Website Coordinator Paul Sperruzza WebAdmin@EurekaSports.com Contact for login questions and web site access
Registration Coordinator Sarah George RegistrationCoordinator@EurekaSports.com Contact for issues with registration and fees
Staff Scheduling Coordinator John Custer StaffSchedulingCoordinator@EurekaSports.com  
Board Member at Large Stephanie Kane MarketingCoordinator@EurekaSports.com Marketing
Board Member at Large Tony Gumusata Tony@EurekaSports.com Technology

Soccer Board Members

Role Name Email Comments
Little Kickers Soccer Coordinator Ashly Moore LittleKickersCoordinator@EurekaSports.com Contact with questions about age specific rules or feedback related to the PreK, K program
WCSL Rep Cris Delli-Zotti crid71@gmail.com  
Trophy League Soccer Coordinator (3rd - HS) Greg Hrdlicka TrophyLeagueSoccerCoordinator@EurekaSports.com Contact with questions about age specific rules or feedback related to the Boys and Girls Trophy League program.
Training League Soccer Coordinator (1st & 2nd Grade) Eric Paoli TrainingLeagueSoccerCoordinator@EurekaSports.com Contact with questions about age specific rules or feedback related to the boys and girls Training League program.

Baseball & Softball Board Members

Role Name Email Comments
Baseball Coordinator (7U & 8U) Cameron Lusk BaseballCoordinator@EurekaSports.com  
Baseball Coordinator (9U-HS) Cameron Lusk BaseballCoordinator@EurekaSports.com  
Softball Coordinator (7U - HS) Kory Brown SoftballCoordinator@EurekaSports.com  
Softball/Baseball Training League (4U - 6U) Brian Dunsmoor TrainingLeagueCoordinator@EurekaSports.com 6U Girls play with 7U Girls
Tournament Coordinator Open (Interim = Phil Luecking) & John Custer Open (Interim = Phil Luecking) & John Custer  
Umpire Training Coordinator Mike Hubbard UmpireTrainer@EurekaSports.com  

Executive Board

Role Name Email Comments
President Phil Luecking President@EurekaSports.com General questions about association activities
Vice President Julie Wood VicePresident@EurekaSports.com Contact for Public Relations questions
Treasurer Kelly Garner Treasurer@EurekaSports.com  
Secretary Jennifer Gianino Secretary@EurekaSports.com  


Role Name
Concession Manager Kim Noe
Chief Umpire (UIC) Mike Lampe
Chief Referee Chris Belloli

Thank You To Our Partners

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